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About the Fair

The 13th International and Regional Fair – Subotica Fair 2019 – will provide space and opportunity for entrepreneurs from Serbia and the neighbouring countries to present their products, to build professional contacts, hence it contributes to the building and strengthening of cross-border cooperation. We would also like to present the public utility companies of our city, especially in the light of services they provide to local citizens. Our vision is to ensure a space for producers so they can present their products and services to a wider circle of consumers.

Besides companies and businesses from the country, mostly from Vojvodina, a number of firms and businessmen from the region – first and foremost from Hungary, Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina – have already indicated their intention to participate. This year the partner country of the fair will be Italy.

The Fair’s topic

The main topic of the professional presentations for the 13th International and Regional Fair – Subotica Fair 2019 – is the impact of Information technologies and Digitization in Corporate Development.

Accompanying Events:

National and international experts will hold lectures within the professional programme.  Businessmen meetings will provide a framework to build contacts and exchange ideas and experiences.  This year we will enable the exhibitors to promote their products through presentations, tastings and the like in line with their needs and programme.

The City of Subotica…

subotica night

…once an oasis of farmsteads, cobblestones, taverns, horses, tambura players and trams-in 2008 Subotica has officially grown into a city.

…today, the city of festivals – owing to a century long festival tradition with events aiming at audiences of all ages and tastes.

…the city of Art nouveau – the jewels of the City Hall, Synagogue, Raichle palace, Grand terrace Palić and many others make Subotica a European city of Art nouveau. Art nouveau has left its mark on all arts and areas of modern life. Though not an art style – art nouveau is a way of life.

…the city of great food – the gastronomic offer of Subotica is afar known for its versatility of flavors that came about as a result of the blending of cultures and customs in this lowland city.

…the city on the crossroads of culture, religion and nationalities – this nook in the heart of the Pannonian plain is a place where representatives of nearly 20 nations and nationalities have been living together harmoniously for centuries. Hungarians, Serbs and Croats are the most numerous ones. Catholic, orthodox and Jewish believers truly nourish their culture and customs while respecting and getting to know the culture of others.

…the city of brandy and wine – well known for its quality brandy and wine from local orchards and vineyards.

…the city of good economy – successful economic development of numerous respectable foreign companies as well as great care for local firms. Small entrepreneurship and craftwork provide a basic tone to the development of our region with emphasis on old crafts, food and electro industry.

…the City of Lake Palić – the main jewel of Palić that makes this place an attractive and charming destination for vacation, relaxation and recreation.